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Why can't I send email messages

If you are using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail, you may come across an issue where your email messages:

• Cannot be sent, but can be received;
• Cannot be received, but can be sent;
• Cannot be sent or received.

There are no issues when you access your email from a web browser. To solve the problem, try the following:

  • Change the outgoing and incoming mail ports your email client uses. Our service blocks traffic over the insecure port 25, so use other commonly used e-mail ports, such as 587 or 465.
  • Disable the Threat Protection feature in the app settings.
  • Switch to a different NordVPN server. Your email provider may block access to its email services from known VPN server IP addresses. Switching to a different NordVPN server may help.

Note: Some email providers might not allow sending outgoing mail through email clients while connected to VPN. In this case, the only way to use mail service with our VPN is to use email through the browser on the mail service page.

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