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How to purchase a dedicated IP address

In this article, we go through the process of purchasing a dedicated IP from NordVPN step by step. Please note that you need to have an active NordVPN subscription to use a dedicated IP.

Important: If you purchase a dedicated IP from NordVPN, your email will be linked to that IP address. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Table of contents:

How to get a dedicated IP address as a new NordVPN user

You can add a dedicated IP address at checkout when purchasing your first NordVPN subscription.

  1. Go to the NordVPN pricing page.
  2. Select your desired plan and its duration.
  3. At the checkout, find Dedicated IP under Add extra services (optional) and click Add.

  4. Complete the purchase and create your Nord Account.
  5. Open your Nord Account and set up your dedicated IP location.

How to get a dedicated IP address if you are an existing NordVPN user

If you already have an active NordVPN subscription, you can purchase our dedicated IP service by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Nord Account.
  2. Go to the NordVPN tab and select Get dedicated IP.

  3. In the next window, select Get dedicated IP again:

  4. Choose either a 1-year or a monthly dedicated IP plan.
  5. Fill out all required payment information and select Continue
  6. Set up your dedicated IP in your Nord Account dashboard.

Using a dedicated IP in countries with internet restrictions

Due to reduced service accessibility, you may have trouble getting your dedicated IP to work in countries when connecting from countries with internet restrictions. Please consult our guide on establishing a successful connection to NordVPN from countries with internet restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

How many dedicated IPs can be used with one NordVPN account?

You may purchase any number of dedicated IP addresses, but keep in mind that your NordVPN account is limited to six simultaneous connections. 

How do you purchase additional dedicated IPs?

You can purchase additional dedicated IP addresses using a special coupon code. This coupon will allow you to create a new NordVPN account while paying only for the dedicated IP feature. However, because you still need an active NordVPN subscription to use the dedicated IP, our customer service staff will help you transfer the dedicated IP address to your main account.

Here is what you need to do to purchase additional dedicated IP addresses:

  1. Apply the coupon code “norddedicatedip to your order, selecting the 1-year NordVPN plan.
  2. Enter an email address for the temporary NordVPN account (different from your main one).
  3. Complete the purchase. You should now have two NordVPN accounts.
  4. Contact our support team and give them the email addresses of both of your NordVPN accounts, indicating which one is your main one. 
  5. Specify your dedicated IP location

Note: After you specify your desired dedicated IP location, it may take up to three business days to set your NordVPN dedicated IP address. However, your dedicated IP subscription will begin to run at the date of purchase.

What should you do after purchasing a dedicated IP?

You need to set up your dedicated IP address in Nord Account after purchase.

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