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Dedicated NordVPN IP addresses

When using NordVPN, your IP address changes to that of your VPN server. Normally, you share this IP address with other NordVPN users connected to the same server. However, if you purchase a NordVPN dedicated IP, you will get an IP address that belongs to you and you alone.

The advantages of a NordVPN dedicated IP address

NordVPN's dedicated IP allows you to bypass CAPTCHAs, easily access corporate networks, and avoid blocklists for IP addresses tainted by unscrupulous use. You can use the dedicated IP feature on up to 10 devices at the same time: simply connect with the Open VPN (TCP) or OpenVPN (UDP) protocol.

Where does NordVPN have dedicated IP addresses? 

NordVPN-dedicated IP addresses are offered in these regions: 

  • The United States (Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • The United Kingdom (London)
  • The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • France (Paris)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Italy (Milan)
  • Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • Switzerland (Zurich)
  • Spain (Madrid)
  • Belgium (Brussel)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Poland (Warsaw)
  • Portugal (Lisbon)
  • South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Mexico
  • Czech Republic (Prague)

Please note:

  • If you are connecting from a country with internet restrictions, the Dedicated IP address feature may fail to work as server accessibility from such regions is limited. Please consult our article on how to connect from within a country with internet restrictions for more information. 
  • In case you wish to change your dedicated IP after a while, you may do that once per subscription. To change the dedicated IP, get in touch with NordVPN support.

Here is a list of tutorials showing you how to connect to your dedicated IP by NordVPN on different platforms: 

You can test dedicated IP servers in the "Dedicated IP" category in the application. The dedicated IP address you see in the application,  would only connect you to a shared IP address. Once you make a purchase and get dedicated IP assigned, you would be able to connect to the specific server that would give you a static IP address that only you would be able to access.

If you wish to purchase a dedicated IP address in these regions, you can find a guide on how to do so here: How to purchase a dedicated IP address.

Please be aware that if you purchase a NordVPN dedicated IP, your email will be linked to that IP address. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

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