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Set Up SmartDNS VPN feature on LG TV

To configure your LG TV for the Smart DNS VPN feature, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. On the device you're currently using, ensure that you're connected to the same network that is used for the LG TV.
    (E.g. if your LG TV is connected to Wi-Fi_123, then connect your current device to the same Wi-Fi).
  2. Now, open Nord Account and log in. Afterward, in the Services section, click on NordVPN.
  3. In the SmartDNS category, press the Activate button.
    This will allowlist your IP address and allow you to use SmartDNS on the network that your LG TV is connected to. 


    (The following steps may vary depending on the model of your TV)
  4. Now, turn on your LG Smart TV and press Settings on your remote.
  5. From this settings menu scroll down to Network and select Network Connection.
  6. Connect your LG Smart TV to the same network as is used by your current device.
  7. Select Your Network and then Select Other Network List.
  8. Select Set Expert Button.
  9. Select Your Network Connection.
  10. Scroll Down to the DNS Mode and select Manual Tab. Then enter (and if allowed to enter second) and Press OK.

And that's it, the SmartDNS VPN feature is now enabled on your LG TV. Enjoy!

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