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Change your DNS servers on Linux with NordVPN

Note: when connected to a NordVPN server, NordVPN’s private DNS servers are used by default.  

To use NordVPN’s private DNS servers on Linux when not connected to a NordVPN server, follow one of the two methods:

Using Network Manager

  1. Open Settings, then select either Network or Wi-Fi based on your network type.
  2. Click the gear button and go to the IPv4 tab.
  3. Next to DNS, disable the Automatic toggle.
  4. In the DNS field enter and separated by a comma:,
    4bc8f404-57c2-4b8a-88e2-fc1344d7c635 (1).png
  5. Click Apply
  6. Open Terminal and run the following command to restart the Network Manager daemon:
    sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
  7. Enter your sudo password.

Using the Terminal

  1. Open the Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard, and run the following command:
    sudo nano /etc/systemd/resolved.conf
  2. Locate the DNS and FallbackDNS lines.
  3. Uncomment the lines by removing the hash (#) symbols.
  4. Enter the DNS addresses as follows:
  5. Press Ctrl XY, and Enter keys to exit and save the changes.
  6. Run the following command into your Linux machine to ensure that the network changes are applied:
    sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved
  7. If requested, please enter your sudo password.
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