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Installing the NordVPN app on iPhone or iPad

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This tutorial will teach you how to install and use NordVPN on an iPhone and iPad.

Table of contents:

Downloading and setting up
Connecting to servers

Profile information


Downloading and setting up the app

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Search for "NordVPN."

     Type in “NordVPN” (without quotation marks) in the App Store’s search field.

    Note: NordVPN may not appear in the App Store in certain regions with VPN restrictions. If that’s the case, follow our guide on downloading the NordVPN app for iPad and iPhone from such locations. 
  3. Tap the "Download" button.

    Tapping the “Download” button will start the NordVPN installation process on your iOS device
  4. Once the download is finished, tap the "Open" button.  

    Tapping “Open” in the App Store will run the NordVPN app on your iOS device
  5. The NordVPN app will ask if you want to register a new account. If you already have a NordVPN account, click “Log in” at the bottom of the screen. 

    If you don't have an account, press “Sign up” to go to Nord Account for account creation. There, enter your email address and press “Continue.” Once you sign up, you will be brought back into the NordVPN app to pick your plan. 

    Enter a valid email address for your new NordVPN account and press “Continue”
  6. Once you’re done, you will see a privacy notification. Click “Agree and continue.

     The privacy notification summarizes NordVPN’s privacy policy for new users

Connecting to NordVPN servers

  1. Once logged in, you will see a map and the “Quick Connect” button. Press this button to automatically connect to a server recommended by our smart algorithm based on your needs and preferences.

    The “Quick Connect” feature offers a simple and easy way to secure your iOS device’s connection
  2. When connecting for the first time, you will be asked to allow NordVPN to add VPN configurations. This is a standard warning message – VPN configurations are necessary for connecting to VPN servers. Since NordVPN is a respectable VPN service provider, tap “Allow” to continue.

    VPN configurations are necessary for connecting to VPN servers — NordVPN will not work without them
  3. If you are using Touch ID, you will be asked to confirm your choice with your fingerprint.

    Use your fingerprint to confirm that you are allowing NordVPN to add VPN configurations
  4. Once connected, you will see the “Connected to (country)” message above the map, and that country’s map pin will turn green. A VPN icon will also appear in the status bar along the upper edge of the screen. 

Choosing between different servers

  1. Tap a country pin and press “Quick Connect” to automatically connect to the best server for you in that country.

    The “Quick Connect” button lets you automatically find the best server for you in any given country
  2. You can also view all available countries and specialty servers by swiping up from the bottom of the app when no country pin is selected. Then, tap on your chosen country to automatically connect to a server.

    Swipe up from the map screen to view all countries with NordVPN servers
    Tap on “Specialty servers” for more options, like obfuscated servers and Double VPN servers
  3. You can tap on the three dots next to a country's name to select a specific city. NordVPN will rank the available servers based on your needs.

    Tap the three dots next to a country to see which cities have their own NordVPN servers

    The country screen shows how NordVPN servers are distributed among that country’s citie
  4. You can also tap "Search" to find a specific server using its server number.

    If you have your preferred NordVPN server’s number, you can find it using the “Search” function
    The “Search” screen will display all NordVPN servers relevant to your query
  5. You can also find your favorite servers in the “Favorites” tab.

    Open the “Favorites” tab to quickly access any NordVPN server location you’ve previously favorited

Profile information

  1. While on the map screen, you can tap the profile icon in the bottom-right corner to access your profile information, shortcuts, and settings.

    The “Profile” tab can be accessed by tapping the icon in the very bottom-right corner of the screen
  2. Here you will be able to see your subscription details (1), your security dashboard (2), shortcuts (3), settings (4), and Meshnet overview (5).

Dark Web Monitor

Once enabled, this feature automatically scans the internet for any leaked credential associated with your registered NordVPN e-mail address. The NordVPN app will immediately notify you if Dark Web Monitor detects your credentials on underground websites. Read more about the feature's usefulness on our Dark Web Monitor page.

Security Score

The Security Score lists what steps you need to take for better online security

These steps will tell you how to fully protect yourself with NordVPN.

Threat Protection Lite

Once enabled, this NordVPN feature will automatically block ads, web trackers, and malicious links. You do not need an active VPN connection for Threat Protection Lite to work.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature that helps protect access to your account. With MFA enabled, you must pass an extra security step (usually by supplying a code generated by an authenticator app) to log in to NordVPN. We offer detailed guidance on how to enable MFA for NordVPN.


Meshnet is a new NordVPN feature that allows you to create a secure, private network for many devices located anywhere in the world, access them remotely, and send all your online traffic through another device.


VPN connection

The “VPN connection” settings let you choose your preferred VPN protocol and enable auto-connect

Protocol: Switch between Nordlynx, IKEv2, TCP, and UDP connection protocols. We have a detailed guide on which VPN protocol you should choose.
Auto-connect: With auto-connect enabled, the NordVPN app will automatically connect you to NordVPN whenever your phone is on and connected to a Wi-Fi network. In the “Trusted Wi-Fi networks” section, you can disable auto-connect for specific networks. For example, you can make an exception for a trusted home Wi-Fi network.
Reset VPN profile: Reset the VPN configuration on your device.


The “General” settings help you customize your NordVPN experience without affecting your security

Appearance: Choose your preferred application appearance, including switching to a dark theme.
Notifications: Turn NordVPN app notifications on or off.
Help us improve: Send us anonymous data to help improve our services.
Siri shortcuts: Create specific Siri phrases to control the application hands-free.
Subscription and privacy info: All your subscription-related information.
Rate us on the App Store: Give our services a review on the App Store.
Tell friends about NordVPN: Share information about our app with your friends and family.

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