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Creating an Apple ID to download the NordVPN iOS app

In some cases, for example, if you are using the Apple ID registered in the country with VPN restrictions, you may not find the NordVPN iOS app on the Apple store.

In order to bypass that, you can create a new Apple ID and download the NordVPN iOS app.

  1. On your iPhone or desktop computer, go to!&page=signin.
  2. Click Create Your Apple ID. This will launch the Apple ID creation form.

  3. Enter your details, choose the United States as your country (or any other country). Select your security questions and answers.


  4. Enter the characters shown in the image, then tap Continue.


  5. You will now receive a verification via email. Enter the verification code.
  6. Next step you may complete both on the iPhone or the browser:

    Phone: Launch the App Store on your iPhone. Sign out of your current Apple ID and sign in again using your new Apple account.
    Browser: Sign in to your new Apple ID on!&page=signin
  7. Now in the Settings, you’ll have to change the Payment Method.

    On the iPhone, go to Settings → Apple ID → Payment & Shipping 
    On the website, go to Payment & Shipping → Edit
  8. Choose None as the mode of payment, then enter any foreign billing address and phone number (for example any Starbucks or other public location that provides both address and phone number online). Tap Next to continue.

  9. You should now be able to download the NordVPN app:

If you encounter any issues during the process, do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance!

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