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How to set up NordVPN on your router?

The procedure of setting up NordVPN on your router will depend on your router’s firmware or manufacturer. If you can’t find the VPN router setup tutorial for your router’s firmware on the following list, continue scrolling down for further instructions. You may also check out our list of router recommendations.

Note: If your router was issued by your ISP, it probably does not support VPN configurations. If that is the case, there are routers that come pre-configured with NordVPN. Our partner FlashRouters offers a selection of powerful routers that come with NordVPN out of the box, including the Privacy Hero with exclusive integration for Nordlynx - the fastest VPN protocol.

Setup tutorials for supported routers and firmware:

Not sure if your router is supported and/or can't find it on the list above?

First, see if you can find your router on our list of unsupported routers.

If it’s not on there, check the user manual that came with your router (usually manuals are available for download on the manufacturer’s website). Search the manual for any mentions of OpenVPN support. Your router must support the OpenVPN client in order to potentially support a NordVPN configuration. If you can’t find this information in the manual, consider contacting your router’s manufacturer.

If none of the tips mentioned above have helped you set up a connection, feel free to contact our support team!

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