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Which router should I use with NordVPN

For an out-of-the-box NordVPN router solution with extra safety and privacy, head over to our partners at FlashRouters. They offer some of the best routers for NordVPN pre-configured to deliver top-notch security and performance.

The fastest overall router option is the Privacy Hero NordLynx WiFi 6 VPN Router with exclusive integration for NordLynx - the fastest VPN protocol.

You can also buy a router and configure it yourself. While there are many different routers available from other manufacturers, we recommend the Asus router as most have a built-in OpenVPN client and require limited effort to set up. Some popular examples include the Asus RT-AX86U, RT-AX68U, and RT-AX88U (AX6000).

FlashRouters also offers a full array of Asus OpenVPN router options, including Mesh Systems for larger spaces.

Most other routers require firmware flashing, which might be tricky and does not work on all platforms. If you want a legacy router that provides OpenVPN encryption, you can also find any router that supports the following custom firmware:

The next step will be to learn how to set up NordVPN on your router.

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