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How to set up dedicated IP

If you have purchased a dedicated IP, you must set up your dedicated IP in your Nord Account before you can use it. Follow these steps to get your dedicated IP ready:

  1. Log in to your Nord Account.

    Screenshot 2024-02-27 110020.png

  2. Select NordVPN on your dashboard.

    Go to NordVPN dashboard.png

  3. If your dedicated IP is not yet ready to use, you will see a Setup required warning in the Dedicated IP tab.

    Set up is required for Dedicated IP.png

  4. Click Set up Dedicated IP.

    Click Set up Dedicated IP.png

  5. Open the Preferred IP address location drop-down menu and select a country.

    Next steps for setting up Dedicated IP on NordVPN.png

  6. Click Set up Dedicated IP.

    click Set Up button.png

  7. You will be assigned an IP address in the country that you’ve chosen.

    Asigned Dedicated IP.png

You should now see your assigned IP address in the Dedicated IP tab.

Assigned Dedicated IP address.png

Once you have successfully set up your dedicated IP address in Nord Account, here is how to connect to a dedicated IP server on your device:

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