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What is Meshnet?

Meshnet is a new NordVPN feature that allows you to create a secure, private network for many devices located anywhere in the world, access them remotely, and send all your online traffic through another device.

How Meshnet works:

  • To connect several of your devices, you can simply log into NordVPN and activate the Meshnet feature on all said devices - and they will be automatically connected.
  • If you wish to have others connect their devices to yours, you can send an invitation to other NordVPN users or accept their invites.
  • You can access other devices using its Meshnet Nord name or IP address.

Why use Meshnet?

  • Make your device-detectable as on a local Wi-Fi network;
  • Detect other devices on the local Wi-Fi network;
  • Share folder for other devices; (On Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Access shared folders on other devices;
  • Set up a web server to access other devices; (On Windows, macOS, and Linux)
  • Access web instances hosted on other devices from the web browser;
  • Create a gaming server; (On Windows, macOS, and Linux)
  • Connect to gaming server on other devices;
  • Allow other devices to route traffic through your device; (On Windows, macOS (NordVPN application), and Linux)
  • Route traffic through other devices;

How to use Meshnet on different operating systems:

Remember: you can link up to 10 devices using the same NordVPN account or have up to 50 different devices of other users linked to one of your devices simultaneously. However, please note that you can route your traffic only via one device at a time and only while using the Nordlynx connection protocol.

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