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Dedicated IP addresses

You can order a dedicated IP address for an additional price and you will be the only person using the assigned IP address.

We offer dedicated IPs in the below-listed regions:
United States (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas, Matawan)
Germany (Frankfurt) 
United Kingdom (London)
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
France (Paris)

The dedicated IP in any of these countries costs $70. The price is for one year. Of course, you need to have a valid VPN account to benefit from the dedicated IP (dedicated IP will not work without a valid VPN account). Keep in mind, that you can use dedicated IP simultaneously on two devices only.

Here is a list of tutorials on how to connect to your assigned dedicated IP on different platforms:

You can test dedicated IP servers from the Dedicated IP category on our applications.

If you wish to purchase a dedicated IP address you can find a guide on how to do so here: How to purchase a dedicated IP address?

Please be aware that if you purchase a dedicated IP, your email will be linked to that IP address.

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