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Dedicated NordVPN IP addresses

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NordVPN's dedicated IP will allow you to stop CAPTCHAs, give you access to dedicated workplace systems, and avoid being blacklisted. For your convenience dedicated IP can protect the smart home systems and secure your payments online. When using shared servers your activities are hidden under the same IP address as other users from the whole world, however, with dedicated IP only you can be in control of your security online. Order a dedicated IP address for an additional price.

The price of a dedicated IP address in any of these countries is $70 per year. A dedicated IP address will work only with a valid VPN account.

Remember that you can use a dedicated IP simultaneously on two devices. To successfully connect your dedicated IP on both devices, use different connection protocols. The first device should be used with Open VPN (TCP) and the second one with OpenVPN (UDP).

Where does NordVPN have dedicated IP addresses? 

NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses in these regions:
The United States (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Dallas)
Germany (Frankfurt)
The United Kingdom (London)
The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
France (Paris)

Please note: If you are connecting from a country with internet restrictions, the Dedicated IP address feature may fail to work as server accessibility from such regions is limited. For more information on how one may establish a successful connection to our service from within a country with internet restrictions, please read this article.

Here is a list of tutorials showing you how to connect to your dedicated IP by NordVPN on different platforms:

You can test dedicated IP servers in the Dedicated IP category in the application.

If you wish to purchase a dedicated IP address in these regions, you can find a guide on how to do so here: How to purchase a dedicated IP address?

Please be aware that if you purchase a dedicated IP, your email will be linked to that IP address.

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