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Dedicated IP: Renewal and cancellation

If you want to renew your dedicated IP service or cancel auto-renewal for your dedicated IP subscription, the steps you need to take depend on how you purchased the dedicated IP service.

You bought the dedicated IP in your Nord Account

If you have purchased a dedicated IP in your Nord Account, the service will be renewed automatically. It makes no difference if you bought the dedicated IP as a standalone service or got it with a VPN bundle. 

If you no longer want a particular dedicated IP anymore, you can cancel auto-renewal for your subscription in your Nord Account. Please note that this is not a refund, as outlined in NordVPN’s refund policy.

You bought the dedicated IP using a coupon code

Dedicated IP services purchased using a coupon code are not subject to auto-renewal. To renew your dedicated IP addresses, you will need to manually buy the dedicated IP service.

When your dedicated IP subscription is about to expire, we will send a reminder about renewal to your registered Nord Account email address

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