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Plans and prices of NordVPN service

Wondering how much NordVPN costs? Our subscription plan prices are regularly updated on our website. 

NordVPN currently offers three subscription plans:

  • NordVPN 2-year plan
  • NordVPN 1-year plan
  • NordVPN 1-month plan

and three security package plans — our special bundles:

  • The “Standard” plan only includes the NordVPN service
  • The “Plus” plan includes the NordPass and NordVPN services
  • The “Complete” includes the NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker services

If you’re trying to subscribe to NordVPN, follow our handy guide on how to get a subscription.

Is the NordVPN subscription payable monthly? Can I pay in monthly installments?

You can pay monthly by selecting NordVPN’s 1-month plan. NordVPN’s 2-year and 1-year plans must be paid for in full at purchase.

Does NordVPN have a family plan?

NordVPN does not offer family plans. However, one NordVPN account can protect your whole household. You can connect up to ten devices (including your router) to NordVPN by following our connection rules — protect your whole family with just a single VPN subscription.

Do you offer discounts for NordVPN plans?

Yes — we have an extensive guide on how to get NordVPN cheaper.

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