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VPN for Amazon Prime: watch it securely

This article is available in French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

This article is updated whenever our configurations change. If you start experiencing any issues with VPN for Amazon Prime, you can come back to this post again for updated information. 

To ensure secure access to Amazon Prime, you can connect to NordVPN servers optimized for that.

Keep in mind, when going abroad, you will only be able to reach the same region of Amazon Prime as is stated in the payment details of your subscription to the streaming service. For example, if you subscribed to Amazon Prime with a card that is registered within the US, only the US region will be accessible to you while traveling.

Amazon Prime US: Connect to any VPN server in the United States.
Amazon Prime FR: Connect to any VPN server in France.
Amazon Prime CA: Connect to any VPN server in Canada.
Amazon Prime JP: Connect to any VPN server in Japan.
Amazon Prime UK: Connect to any VPN server in the United Kingdom.
Amazon Prime DE: Connect to any VPN server in Germany.
Amazon Prime ES: Connect to any VPN server in Spain.
Amazon Prime IT: Connect to any VPN server in Italy.

Other regions are currently not supported, but we are constantly working on expanding the range of supported regions.

If you are still experiencing any issues with VPN for Amazon Prime, try following these additional troubleshooting steps for streaming. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Support team

The NordVPN service should never be used to bypass copyright regulations. NordVPN does not promote, condone or endorse the use of the service for such purposes. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service.

Tip: Don't forget to use a strong password on your Amazon Prime account, as it will help you to avoid credential stuffing attacks and keep your account safe.

As generating and remembering strong and secure passwords is not an easy task, we recommend downloading our free password manager — NordPass. It generates secure passwords for you and stores them safely, letting you avoid time-wasting password resets in the future.

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