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How to find the best server?

Recently we have released a utility to help our customers - server picker. This tutorial will guide you through the usage of this tool and the various different options of it.

1. Here you can pick the country you want the server you are connecting to be in.
2. By clicking on Show advanced options, you will be able to select the type of the server you would like to connect to and the protocol you want to be using.
3. This is the name of the server you should be connecting to, you should use it to find the server and connect to it in our applications.
4. That would be the Server Hostname,  which is used in various different manual VPN connection setups.
5. The option Show available protocols will list all the connection protocols this server is available to connect in. Also, you can download the TCP and UDP .ovpn configurations for your manual setups in there.

Keep in mind that all our apps are automatically selecting the best server for you.

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