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Can't log into NordVPN

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First, let's identify the problem with the NordVPN login process. Does any of the issues below resemble what you have experienced?

The app makes me log in through the browser, but when I do, nothing happens in the app.
I receive the message "Error: 429 Too Many Requests"
After signing up, I didn't receive my verification password.
It says that my password is incorrect

If you get an error: rotating: transport rotator: ntp check failed or rotating: transport rotator: ptr timer is locked

  • Type the following command to remove the app:

    sudo apt --purge autoremove nordvpn* (or sudo apt-get --purge autoremove nordvpn*)
  • Reinstall the app following this tutorial.

None of the examples seem relevant to your situation, or the steps didn't help? Then please reach out to our support team for swift assistance to help you with the NordVPN sign-in process.

If you'd like to learn more about how the NordVPN sign-up and log-in process works, check our dedicated article.

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