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Troubleshooting NordVPN connectivity issues on Linux

If you’re having trouble connecting to NordVPN on your Linux device, you can try making a few adjustments. Check if the issue persists after following each set of Linux troubleshooting commands below.

1. Update the NordVPN app:

  • Open the terminal.
  • Type the following commands to update the app:

    sudo apt update (or sudo apt-get update)
    sudo apt upgrade (or sudo apt-get upgrade)

2. Reinstall the app:

  • Type the following command to remove the app:

    sudo apt --purge autoremove nordvpn* (or sudo apt-get --purge autoremove nordvpn*)
  • Reinstall the app following our tutorial on how to install NordVPN on Linux.

3. If you see the “Whoops! Cannot reach System Daemon” error, enter the following commands:

sudo systemctl start nordvpnd 
sudo systemctl enable nordvpnd

4. If you get an error message: “rotating: transport rotator: ptr timer is locked.”, try the following methods:

  • Run the following command to restart the NordVPN daemon: sudo systemctl restart nordvpnd
  • Try to disable IPv6 system-wide, as shown in this article.

5.  If NordVPN is not connecting on Linux after you’ve tried all of the above, try connecting using the manual connection method.

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