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pfSense 2.4.4 selective Routing

  1. In order to setup pfSense selective routing, please set up OpenVPN first on your pfSense following our tutorial.

    Note: On the Tunnel Settings, mark the checkbox on Don't pull routes option.
  2. Once you have finished the tutorial, navigate to Firewall → NAT → Outbound. You will need to readjust Mappings according to the screenshot:

    1 (17).png
  3. Navigate to Firewall → Rules → LAN.
    1. Click to Add new interface. Change the following settings:

      Action: Pass
      Interface: LAN
      Protocol: Any
      Source: Single host or alias → device IP address you wish to exclude from VPN tunnel. (You can write a whole subnet, range of IP addresses as well)
      Gateway: WAN_DHCP

      2 (19).png
      3 (17).png

      Once you will save changes, your LAN rules should look similar to:


      Note: make sure this newly created rule is placed above any other rules.
  4. Save and apply changes. You may also need to reset the firewall to apply all changes, which you can do by:
  5. Navigate Diagnostics → States → Reset States → Check Reset the firewall state table → Reset.
  6. That is it, you can check our IP check website to see whether your devices are routed through ISP connection and rest of them via VPN tunnel.
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