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macOS Ventura Error: The Installation Failed

Here are some steps to solve the issue in case you receive an error message about installation being failed, when installing NordVPN on your macOS Ventura device.

 After each step, try to install the NordVPN application again.

  1. Move the installer file. Move NordVPN.pkg to the “Applications” folder (from the folder that the file has been downloaded to) and launch the installer from the “Applications” folder.

    In case you have no rights to move the file to the Applications folder, you can try the same steps by moving the installer file to the Desktop and launching it from there.
  2. Check folder access. Make sure you have access to the Downloads folder during installation. Go back and adjust permissions if needed.
  3. Use a terminal. In case none of the steps above help, try one of the following commands:
  • If installed file is in Downloads folder, open the Terminal app and enter:
    sudo tccutil reset SystemPolicyDownloadsFolder
  • If the NordVPN.pkg file in other folder, you can enter:
    sudo tccutil reset All

    Run the installer again.

    If you are still unable to install the app. Check the following guide for the assistance: How can I reach NordVPN customer support?
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