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How to setup Endian firewall

In order to connect your Endian Firewall to NordVPN you will have to configure your device according to the upcoming steps (otherwise you may experience connectivity issues). By default you can’t configure NordVPN via the graphical interface, hence SSH will have to be used to make additional changes in your device's internal system.

1. Download our CA and TLS key files from this link.

2. Access your Endian Firewall via SSH and type in the following line (as shown in the screenshot below):

nano /etc/openvpn/openvpnclient.conf.tmpl

1 _7_.PNG

3. Then press Enter and add these lines into the file (as shown in the screenshot below):

cipher AES-256-CBC
tun-mtu 1500
tun-mtu-extra 32
mssfix 1450
remote-cert-tls server
auth SHA512


4. Save and exit.

5. Login into your Endian Firewalls graphical interface via web browser and go to VPN -> OpenVPN client (Gw2Gw).

6. Click Add tunnel configuration and fill in the info according to the server you chose.

For the sake of the tutorial, we have used, but you should connect to a server suggested to you at . You can find the server hostname right under the server title.

Connection Name: NordVPN United States 936
Connect To:
Upload Certificate: select the corresponding CA certificate file which in this case is us936_nordvpn_com_ca.crt
Username: Your NordVPN username
Password: Your NordVPN password

Click Advanced

Connection Type: TUN
NAT: enabled
Protocol: UDP

7. Click Save and you will return to the main screen.

8. Then press on Pencil icon to the left of your created connection to edit the settings.

9. Then click Advanced Tunnel Configuration.

10. Add the corresponding TLS certificate. In this case us936_nordvpn_com_tls.key and change MD5 direction to 1.

11. Click Save and wait a few seconds for it to connect (you can verify this via the log file).

Congratulations, now you are successfully connected to NordVPN.

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