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How to get NordVPN with activation code

There are two types of codes that you can apply in order to begin using NordVPN. First, you can apply a 25-character “activation key” that you purchased from a physical or online retailer. Alternatively, you may want to apply the 6-digit “license code.” The instructions for applying both types of codes are identical: 

  1. Enter your NordVPN activation code and your email address, then click "Continue."

  2. Check for the verification code in your email inbox.

  3. Copy the verification code from the email we sent you and paste it into the box.

  4. If you are a new NordVPN user, create a password for your Nord Account. Otherwise, type in your old password to log in.

  5. Download the NordVPN app application.

Once you’ve used your activation code, all that’s left is to download NordVPN and set it up. We recommend reading our handy blog article on how to activate NordVPN on your device.

If you experience any error when entering activation code, please check this article.

A useful reminder: Using a cracked version of NordVPN may lead to the loss of sensitive information, such as personal credentials. There is software online that promises one free access to ”cracked” NordVPN accounts. However, NordVPN serial cracks are most often chock-full of malware, adware intended to gain access to your credentials or devices, or other online threats. We recommend that you read about the dangers of cracking programs.

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