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What are Threat Protection and Threat Protection Lite

Threat Protection is a feature that automatically blocks ads, trackers, and malware URLs. It also deletes malware that has been downloaded. For Threat Protection to work, an active VPN connection is not required. To learn more about it, click here.

Threat Protection is available on:

  • Windows (You may also choose the Threat Protection Lite version)
  • macOS (You may also choose DNS filtering on the App Store NordVPN version)

Threat Protection Lite is a feature protecting you from ads, unsafe connections, and malicious sites while connected to the NordVPN server.

This feature is called DNS filtering on the macOS App Store version of NordVPN, and it works the same way as Threat Protection Lite.

Threat Protection Lite is available on: 

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS (DNS filtering)
  • Windows
  • NordVPN Chrome Extension
  • NordVPN Firefox Extension
  • NordVPN Edge Extension

What is the difference between Threat Protection and Threat Protection Lite?

There are a few main differences between these features:

  • Threat Protection works without being connected to the VPN, while in order for the Threat Protection Lite feature to be available - you must be connected to a NordVPN server. 
  • These features are available on different OS systems: Only Windows and macOS devices support both of these features, meanwhile, Android, iOS, and Linux devices as well as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge extensions support just Threat Protection Lite.
  • Threat Protection will delete any downloaded malware, while Threat Protection Lite will not.
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