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Avoiding local internet restrictions on Android (IKEv2)

Update 2021-03-11: Please note, to connect to our servers using the method explained in this article, you will now need to use the NordVPN service credentials, instead of the regular e-mail/password. You may find further explanation below in the article. 

These instructions will help you to connect to NordVPN using the IKEv2 protocol.

  1. Download the NordVPN IKEv2 connection certificate here.
  2. Download and install the strongSwan VPN Client app by clicking here
  3. Open the strongSwan application.
  4. Tap on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the app and select CA certificates from the drop-down menu.

  5. On the screen that opens, tap on the three-dot icon again and select Import certificate.

  6. Select the root.der file you downloaded in Step 1.

  7. Confirm by tapping Import Certificate.

  8. Tap the left-pointing arrow to go back to the main screen of the strongSwan app.
  9. Select Add VPN profile.

  10. Now you'll have to fill out several fields, starting with the one labeled Server.

    Enter a server IP address from the list below. You'll need the server hostname later on in the tutorial:

  11. Next come the Username and Password fields. Here you need to enter your NordVPN service credentials.

    You can find your NordVPN service credentials (service username and password) in the Nord Account dashboard. Copy the credentials using the “Copy” buttons on the right.

  12. Next, click on 'Show advanced settings'.

    In the new field 'Server identity' enter the hostname that stood next to the IP address that you chose in step 10.

    Once you have entered all the information, click Save.
  13. To connect, tap the profile you have just created.

  14. The application will ask you for permissions necessary for the VPN connection. Click OK.

    Note: Different devices may display slightly different warning messages.

  15. Once you see a status saying you are Connected, you have successfully connected to the VPN server. You can now minimize the application and use your device as usual – all of your internet traffic is now secure and goes through a VPN.
    Tap Disconnect to disconnect from the server.

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