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How to send file to Kodi over SSH

This tutorial will show how it is possible to download to a Kodi device over SSH on Ubuntu.

  1. To do so, you need to find out the IP address of your Kodi device. Open Kodi, and head over into settings (by pressing on the cogwheel icon)

  2. Next, press on LibreELEC.

  3. In the Connection section you will find the local IP address of your Kodi-device. 

  4. Do not leave LibreELEC just yet, you still need to check two things: see if SSH is enabled, and what password is used for it.
    For that, scroll down to Services.

    Your password may have been set when setting up LibreELEC. In this case, it may be libreelec. Otherwise, you can change it by pressing on the cogwheel icon.

  5. Now you know the IP address of your Kodi device, and the password for the SSH sign in. Go back to your Linux-device, open up the terminal and insert the following command:
    ssh root@the IP address that you found.
    ssh root@

    You will also need to insert the password.

  6. As a sign of a successful sign in, you should see a message from LibreELEC, as depicted below.
    Now, you'll need to insert another command, in order to download the NordVPN zip file:

    wget -O 

  7. If you see ' saved', as shown above, then consider the process done! Now you may go back to the original tutorial and finish up with the installation. 

    Click here to return to the NordVPN on Kodi setup tutorial.
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