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Connecting from a country with internet restrictions

First of all, switch the connection protocol from UDP to TCP. It can be changed in the NordVPN application settings:

On Windows application: click Advanced on the left side of the Settings menu > choose TCP;
On Mac application: open the side menu > Preferences > Protocol > disable Prefer UDP over TCP;
On Android NordVPN application: open settings menu (upper left corner) and enable Use TCP option;
On Linux application: Type nordvpn set protocol tcp in the terminal window.

After that, enable the Obfuscated Servers feature in the NordVPN app settings (on Windows, Android, macOS OpenVPN app, Linux) and try connecting to the servers listed below. Keep in mind that Quick Connect will not work as you need to connect to the specific servers.

United States # 4408-4410, 4413, 4415-4416, 4419, 4429-4430, 4432, 4439, 4441-4443, 4445, 4447-4452, 4454, 4456, 4459-4461;
United Kingdom # 1491, 1493, 1497-1498, 1501-1502;
Germany # 666-673;
Japan # 258, 267;
Switzerland # 180-183;
United Arab Emirates # 9-10, 14, 16-18, 20, 23-24, 26-28;
Singapore # 233, 235-236, 240, 243, 247-248, 250, 252-253;
Hong Kong # 146;
France # 391-398;

If you can’t find the mentioned servers, your server list is most probably not up to date. Our recommendation would be to log out from the NordVPN app and log in again.

To connect to these specific servers, click on the magnifying glass icon and search for the country and a server number with the hashtag.

Example: Germany #672.


If you are trying to connect with iOS, please contact our customer support for the detailed instructions

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