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Using NordVPN on Chromebook

Note: these connection methods may NOT work on some older Chromebook models.

There are two main connection methods you can use to secure your Chromebook with NordVPN:

  1. Download and install the NordVPN Android application.

    This is the recommended option as it will secure the entire online traffic on your device.
  2. Download and install the NordVPN Chrome extension.

    This is an alternative connection method. However, keep in mind that it will only secure traffic on the Chrome browser and will not protect your traffic outside Chrome.


Tip: Your VPN connection safety depends on your account password too. Don't forget to use a strong password on your account, as it will help you to avoid credential stuffing attacks and will keep your connections safe and uninterrupted.

As generating and remembering strong and secure passwords is not an easy task, we recommend downloading our free password manager — NordPass. It generates secure passwords for you and stores them safely, letting you avoid time-wasting password resets in the future.

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