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Should I choose NordVPN app or NordVPN extension?

When purchasing a NordVPN subscription, you get access to the NordVPN application for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux OS devices and the NordVPN proxy extension for your ChromeEdge, and Firefox browsers. While both provide security and hide your online presence, they do have different additional benefits

NordVPN extension's main benefits:

  • NordVPN proxy extension is a more lightweight version of the NordVPN application and does not ask for administrator rights for use. 
  • The proxy extension only secures your browser traffic.
  • To start using the extension, you can add it to your browser with a few simple clicks and avoid the application download and installation process.
  • By clicking on the NordVPN logo in your browser, you can quickly connect/disconnect to 55 countries.
  • The extension allows you to access blocked websites and streaming services without closing or minimizing your browser.
  • You can choose websites you wish to exclude from the secure connection using the Split Tunneling feature. 

NordVPN application main benefits:

Which product version you should use depends on your online security needs.

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