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How to log in to NordVPN on Linux with a token?

If you need an alternative way to log in to the Linux application, use the following command:
nordvpn login --token <token>

To access the token number, you need to go to and then click on NordVPN or you can simply press here.

Scroll down until you see the "Access token" tab. Click on "Generate new token."

You will be given an option to create a temporary token, that will expire after 30 days, or you can create a token that will not expire, however, we recommend having MFA set up if you choose this option. After you've made your decision, click on "Generate token."

Then a window will pop up with the token number being visible. Please note that the token number will only be shown once, hence make sure you log in before you close the window.

Once you copy the token number, paste it within the command like so:

The command should look like: 
nordvpn login --token <token>

If you face any issues, feel free to contact our customer support!

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