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What is a jailbroken device

What does the term mean?

Jailbreaking refers to bypassing of certain device restrictions. These restrictions are set by the manufacturer, usually in order to increase the security and the reliability of their devices. For instance, Apple restricts the ability of its customers when it comes to downloading applications from outside the Apple App Store. In order to sideload applications, which is to download them from an unofficial source, users must first jailbreak their iOS devices. By doing so, root access is gained, meaning that users can modify the needed files and directories that are otherwise hidden.  

Essentially, jailbreaking provides greater control over one's device. However, additional freedom comes at a risk to security as well as privacy. One example stems from potential malware that can be downloaded from insecure sources. Unlike the Apple App Store where apps are thoroughly checked, there is no guarantee that the apps from outside will be safe. In the case that they indeed possess malware, your credentials and other personal information could be stolen without your knowledge

How can I know if my device is jailbroken, and can NordVPN protect me if it is?

First of all, the iOS version of the NordVPN application comes with a system that automatically detects whether or not your device could be jailbroken. If it is, you will be greeted with the following message:


Additionally, you can also find the jailbreak indication by scrolling to the bottom of the Settings menu:


If you suspect that your device may have malware or spyware installed, we do not recommend installing and using NordVPN. This is because your credentials may be stolen by malicious applications. Additionally, although NordVPN encrypts your connection to the internet, as well as protects your privacy online, it cannot prevent damage from downloading the above-mentioned files. 

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