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Improve connection speed on Windows with NordVPN app

If you are experiencing slow connection speed while connected to NordVPN on Windows, try the following:

  1. Make sure to use the latest version of NordVPN app. You can uninstall the app and install the latest version from our website.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Restart your router or modem. If your router is set up with a VPN, and the speed is insufficient, try using VPN solely on your computer or phone.
  4. If you are using Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection.
  5. Connect to a VPN server geographically closer to you.
  6. Open the Settings menu and go to the Auto Connect tab. Disable Choose a VPN protocol and server automatically and select NordLynx in the VPN protocol field.
  7. Try a different connection method/protocol on your device. Tutorials for various connection methods can be found here

Internet speed can also be directly affected by the condition of both your hardware and firmware. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Make sure you have the latest available drivers and software on your computer, including Ethernet adapter and motherboard drivers, BIOS updates, router firmware, etc.
  2. Temporarily disable your firewall to see whether it will have an impact on your overall internet speed. If it does, check your firewall settings and remove unnecessary rules or consider using different firewall software.
  3. Close any applications that may be transferring data in the background, e.g. software for downloading or file sharing.
  4. Old and sometimes even new routers provided to you by your internet service provider often use outdated firmware or are technically poorly manufactured. This can directly impact your internet speed, so we recommend investing in a better router.
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