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Linux IKEv2 MSCHAPv2 fix

This is an alternative way to set up the ipsec.conf file (step 5 on our main tutorial) if you are experiencing issues connecting with IKEv2 on Linux and receiving the No config named 'NordVPN' error after running the ipsec up NordVPN command. Set up the ipsec.conf file manually by running the following commands in the terminal:

sudo su

sudo printf '%s\n\t' 'conn NordVPN' 'keyexchange=ikev2' 'dpdaction=clear' 'dpddelay=300' 'eap_identity=Username' 'leftauth=eap-mschapv2' 'left=%defaultroute' 'leftsourceip=%config' '' 'rightauth=pubkey' 'rightsubnet=' '' 'rightca="C = PA, O = NordVPN, CN = NordVPN Root CA"' 'type=tunnel' 'auto=add' > /etc/ipsec.conf
Make sure to replace Username and server which is in our case

After that, restart the ipsec:

ipsec restart

And start up the ipsec connection:

ipsec up NordVPN

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