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How to set up NordVPN with Chrome extension

How to set up the NordVPN Chrome extension

  1. Download VPN Chrome extension form our website, or you can get it from Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome button.  

  3. Chrome might ask you if you want to add the extension. Click Add extension.

  4. Then you will receive a NordVPN notification that the extension was added successfully.


  5. After the installation is finished, the NordVPN logo will appear on the toolbar in the top-right corner of the browser. Click on the NordVPN logo and you will be prompted to either login or sign up using Nord Account.


How to use and customize the NordVPN Chrome Extension

Now that you have a VPN for Chrome let's look at how you can make your first connection and adjust the extension settings to suit your needs.


  1. Protected status: when you connect to a NordVPN server, this bar will confirm that your connection is successful by displaying the status as Protected.
  2. Quick Connect: the fastest way to begin using the NordVPN extension. After pressing Quick Connect, you'll immediately connect to a NordVPN server.
  3. Search: whereas the Quick Connect option will decide on a server location for you, this option allows you to specify the country of the NordVPN server. 
  4. Settings: here, you can find your GeneralConnection, Security and privacy settings. 


    General: in these settings, you can find your subscription information, application appearance, language preferences, and a function to import and export split tunneling settings.
    Connection: when accessing connection settings, you can choose to automatically connect to NordVPN servers or add URLs that you wish to be excluded from the NordVPN connection.
    Security and privacy: here, enable the WebRTC Leaks option and Threat Protection. Also, choose to turn on security warnings for suspicious websites.
  5. Support Assistance: more information about the extension and live chat with an agent option can be found here.

  6. Notifications: updates and news about the NordVPN extension.

  7. Main extension window: If you click here, you can open the main extension window.
  8. List of Recently Connected Countries: This section displays the countries to which you have established a recent connection. In case you haven't connected to any server yet, you will find recommendations for countries to connect to.

And that's it! Enjoy browsing securely using your VPN for Chrome. 

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