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Unable to connect to a VPN with the browser extension

If you’re unable to connect to NordVPN through Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser extensions, follow these tips to fix the issue: 

  1. Don’t connect more than ten devices to one NordVPN account. NordVPN allows you to establish ten simultaneous connections. If you’re past this number, the browser extension won’t allow you to connect. To solve this issue, disconnect from the VPN on one of your devices (or all devices in one go by changing your password). Afterward, manually connect up to ten devices of your choice.

  2. Make sure to turn off other VPN service extensions or apps. Other extensions may interfere with the proxy settings necessary for the NordVPN extension to work.

  3. Wait a little longer to establish a connection. If you’ve closed the VPN browser extension while you were connected to a VPN server, it may take longer to connect the next time you use it.

  4. Refresh the extension by turning it off and on.

  5. Clear your browser cache and delete cookies. Removing old data or resetting the settings may help solve your connection problems.

  6. Make sure you are using the latest browser extension version.

  7. Restart your computer.

  8. Reinstall the browser extension.
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