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What is Auto (Recommended) protocol on Windows

NordVPN offers its users four different VPN connection methods. One of the connection methods is Auto (Recommended). This article will explain how this connection protocol works and why it is recommended.


How Auto (Recommended) protocol works?

When choosing a server while connected to "Auto (Recommended)" VPN protocol:

  1. Click on the server that you would like to connect to;
  2. "Auto (Recommended)" protocol checks the connection protocols that are available for that server (NordlynxOpenVPN (TCP) or OpenVPN (UDP));
  3. Connects you successfully to a VPN server with the fastest available protocol.

Why choose Auto (Recommeded) protocol?

Auto (Recommended) protocol finds the fastest connection to your wanted server, resulting in a smooth browsing and streaming experience. Moreover, when using other protocols, the app may ask you whether you agree to change the connection protocol to enable some of NordVPN's features (for example, if you have set OpenVPN UDP in Connection Settings but wish to enable the Meshnet feature). When using the Auto (Recommended) protocol, the NordVPN app will not ask you such questions.

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