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How to log in to NordVPN on Linux devices without a GUI

To log in to NordVPN on your Linux machine without a graphical user interface, enter one of the following commands:

  • nordvpn login command with the --token flag
  • nordvpn login command with the --callback flag

When using the token login method, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Nord Account.
  2. Find NordVPN under the Services menu.

  3. Locate the Access token tab down below.
  4. Click on Generate new token.

  5. Pick either token: one that expires in 30 days or one that doesn’t expire. Proceed to Generate token.

  6. Click Copy and close.
  7. On your Linux machine, run the command: nordvpn login --token <your_token> and replace <your_token> with the copied token.

For example:

nordvpn login --token 3fe460ksdnf415e45908cec9f9bdbadf7a456a6dfb35dc2c58xxxxx

If you choose the callback login method:

  1. Run the command: nordvpn login.
  2. You'll receive a URL. Open it on any device that supports a browser.
  3. Finish the login process.
  4. Right-click on the Continue button and copy the link address.
  5. Run the command: ”nordvpn login --callback "<URL>" and replace <URL> with the copied link address.

For example:

nordvpn login --callback "nordvpn://login?action=login&exchange_token=MGFlY2E1N
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