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Staying invisible on unsafe local networks on macOS

If you received a message about a potentially unsafe network, your connection requires additional caution. The problem emerges in scenarios where a router assigns non-RFC1918 IP addresses for the local network. This might seem technical, but in simple terms, certain types of local network configurations can result in VPN traffic being unintentionally exposed.


How Does This Affect You?

If our macOS client detects a potentially misconfigured network (i.e. one that hands out non-RFC1918 IP addresses), it will send you a notification. Upon receiving this alert, we will ask you to enable the 'Invisibility on LAN' feature, ensuring your VPN traffic remains private.


How to enable the “Stay invisible on a local network” feature

Note: the feature is only available from NordVPN 8.8.3 app version.

When you connect to an unsafe network, NordVPN will send you a pop-up: Stay invisible on a local network. Choose Enable protection.

Alternatively, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a NordVPN server.
  2. Access Settings.

  3. Choose General settings if you’re using the NordVPN version downloaded from

  4. Click to activate Stay invisible on a local network.

  5. Reconnect to apply the new settings.

    Choose Kill Switch settings from the left side menu and activate Kill Switch (advanced) (if you’re using NordVPN’s App Store version).

  6. A notification will appear, confirming that protection against unsafe local networks is active.

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