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Cyber insurance benefits: general questions

This article will cover general questions regarding cyber insurance benefits. 

Table of contents:

What cyber insurance benefits are included with the NordVPN Ultimate bundle subscription?

The cyber insurance benefits included with the NordVPN Ultimate bundle subscription are:

  • Scam loss recovery provides reimbursement for funds you have transferred from a personal account in response to a fraudulent text message, email, or phone call.
  • Online shopping fraud recovery provides reimbursement when you have purchased eligible items online from a website/trading platform that turned out to be fraudulent. Eligible items are any items, services, or digital content that are: 
    • not counterfeit or fake goods. 
    • not stocks, shares, bonds, currencies, or digital assets.
    • not goods bought using store credit or finance/leasing options or which were not paid in full. 
    • not goods purchased from an individual through a private transaction. 
    • not confiscated or declared illegal by any government, customs, or public body. 
    • not animals or livestock. 
    • not cash or its equivalents, traveler’s cheques, or tickets. 
    • not classified as real estate. 
    • not motor vehicles, motorcycles/scooters, watercraft or aircraft, and any equipment and/or parts necessary for their operation or maintenance. 
    • not subscription-based, where you are paying a recurring fee for a service. 

Who is the insurer of the policy?

The policy's insurer that provides you with the insurance benefits is Chubb European Group SE, UK Branch. For more information about Chubb, please visit

How do I qualify for the insurance benefits?

The insurance benefits will be provided on the condition that the insured person: 

  1. a) is over 18 years of age and is resident and domiciled in the United Kingdom at the start of the coverage period and for the duration of the entire coverage period; and 
  2. b) holds a NordVPN Ultimate bundle subscription in effect for the duration of the coverage period. 

The time when the incident occurred means:

  • For claims under the scam loss recovery category — the date you transferred funds in response to a fraudulent text, email, or phone call.
  • For claims under the online shopping fraud recovery category — the date you purchased the items/services online.

When do the insurance benefits come into force, and when do they terminate?

The insurance benefits enter into force as soon as you purchase a NordVPN Ultimate bundle subscription and will terminate:

  • if you cancel auto-renewal for your NordVPN Ultimate bundle subscription. 
  • if the insurer or NordVPN serves notice to end the insurance benefits. 

Is there any personal information shared with the insurer when I purchase a plan with insurance benefits?

No, your personal information is not shared with the insurer when you purchase a plan with insurance benefits. However, if you need to file a claim under any of the insurance benefits, you will be asked to provide your name, address, and email address and may be requested to provide additional information necessary for the purpose of verifying a claim.

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