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Connect to NordVPN (Windows) with Command Prompt

To connect to NordVPN app using the Command prompt, you must first navigate to the directory of NordVPN installation by entering the following command:

cd "C:\Program Files\NordVPN\"

Change the directory if it is not in the default path.

After that, enter any of these commands:

  1. nordvpn -c
    nordvpn --connect - Quick connect to VPN. Use additional arguments to connect to the wanted server:
  • nordvpn -c -n <name>
    nordvpn -c --server-name <name> - Connect to server by Name.

    Example: nordvpn -c -n "United States #3710"
  • nordvpn -c -g <group>
    nordvpn -c --group-name <group> - Connect to best server in specified group (specialty server group name or country).

    Example: nordvpn -c -g "United States" (connect to a specific country)
    nordvpn -c -g "Dedicated IP" (connect to a specific specialty server group)
  1. nordvpn -d or nordvpn --disconnect - Disconnect from the VPN.
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