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How to update NordVPN applications

NordVPN applications receive automatic updates in stages. This means that some users get their NordVPN updates earlier than others. The reason is to avoid issues on a mass scale in case there are any update-related problems.

If you haven't received a NordVPN update yet, you will within a few days. The latest app version can generally be downloaded from our VPN app downloads page.

The only exception for automatic updates is NordVPN’s Linux app. If you’re wondering how to update NordVPN for Linux, simply run these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install nordvpn

Note: If you are using NordVPN versions older than 3.12.0 (3.12.0 version included) you will not be able to connect to our servers unless you update the application to the latest one.

Once done, you will have the latest NordVPN version.

Why is NordVPN constantly updating?

NordVPN is updated often to keep pace with evolving cyberthreats. Some updates are minor, intended only to improve the UI, while others add new handy features or fix critical bugs. For your online security, it is very important that you use the latest version of NordVPN.

In very rare cases, you may encounter a bug where the NordVPN updater keeps restarting without finishing the update. In those circumstances, reboot your device, uninstall NordVPN, and download the latest NordVPN version manually.

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