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How can I use Kodi with NordVPN

Kodi is a very extensive Media Player. It is highly advisable not to use it without additional security measures. To use it with NordVPN, you would have to connect the device that is running Kodi to NordVPN servers.

You can read more about Kodi here:

On devices with Windows, macOS, Android, Linux you should set up a connection to our VPN servers and launch Kodi after that.

You can find tutorials on how to connect to VPN on these systems here:
How to setup NordVPN on Windows
How to setup NordVPN on macOS
How to setup NordVPN on Android
How to setup NordVPN on Linux

Kodi is also widely used on devices like Raspberry Pi, we have a tutorial on how to connect on such devices too:
How to setup NordVPN on Raspberry Pi with Kodi.

Note: If you are streaming content from Peer-to-Peer networks, we suggest using our P2P servers.

The NordVPN service is not intended and does not condone or endorse the use of NordVPN service in order to bypass copyright regulations. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service.

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