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How to use Meshnet on Linux?

Turning on Meshnet on Linux

  1. Open the Linux terminal on your device.
    type terminal in your linux device search field
  2. Type in the following command:
    nordvpn set meshnet on
    example of a command

Connecting devices to Meshnet on Linux

All devices on which you use the NordVPN app with the same Nord Account and have Meshnet enabled are linked automatically. Follow these steps to connect other users’ devices to your Meshnet network.

  1. Enter the following command in the Linux terminal, where [email] is the email address of the Nord Account that you want to link to:

    nordvpn meshnet invite send [email]
    (for example, nordvpn meshnet invite send
  2. To check any pending Meshnet invites from other users, type in the following command in the Linux terminal:
    nordvpn meshnet invite list
  3. To accept Meshnet invitations from other users, type in the following command, where [email] is the email address that sent you the invitation:
    nordvpn meshnet invite accept [email]
    (for example, nordvpn meshnet invite accept

Sharing files from a Linux device

Once established, your secure Meshnet connection works like a local area network (LAN). Any method of transferring files over LAN will also work with Meshnet. The following steps function on Debian-based Linux distributions. You can authorize a specific user to access the files you shared and protect them with a password.  

  1. Install the Samba suite of programs, which provides access to SMB/CIF protocols, by typing the following command in the terminal:
    sudo apt-get install samba

  2. Configure the username and password for the shared folder with the following command:
    smbpasswd -a [name]
    (for example, smbpasswd -a $USER)*

    *It must be an existing UNIX user in the device.

  3. Create a directory that you would like to share by typing this command:
    (for example, mkdir -p ~/Desktop/New\ Folder)
  4. Run samba for the sharing process.

  5. Open the smb.conf file in an editor app, scroll down to the end of it, add the text below, and save the smb.conf file:

    path = /home/[user_name]/Desktop/[folder_name]
    available = yes
    valid users = <user_name>
    read only = no
    browsable = yes
    public = yes
    writable = yes

    (for example, New Folder path = home/friend/Desktop/New folder available = yes valid users = <my_device> read only = no browsable = yes public = yes writable = yes)

Accessing files shared on Linux devices

Most Linux file managers let you directly access files shared on other devices. However, you may be prompted to provide a username and a password. For example, if you use GNOME Files:

  1. Select "Other locations" in the sidebar.
  2. Enter devices that shares files with you Meshnet IP address into the "Connect to server" field.
    (for example, smb:// 
  3. Provide a username and password.
    (for a password and username, enter credentials created using smbpasswd -a [name] command).
  4. Click "Connect."

If you experience issues with Meshnet connection on your Windows device, contact our customer support.

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