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Trusted Network Feature

The Trusted network feature works like an exceptions list: when you add a network to it, you will no longer get automatically connected to a VPN server when using that network. In other words, by adding a network to the Trusted Network list, you are saying that you trust this network, thus you do not need VPN protection while being on it. This can be convenient when traveling from a safe network environment, such as your home, to a riskier one, like a free-access Wi-Fi hotspot at a cafe. Without having to lift a finger, the NordVPN connection will automatically turn on or off based on what networks you add to the Trusted Network list. 

Here you can find the instructions tailored to your device:

Choose a trusted network on Windows
Choose a trusted network on iOS
Choose a trusted network on Android
Choose a trusted network on macOS Open VPN application or IKEv2 application

For those on iOS, please note: Due to the iOS 15 update, the Trusted Network feature was grayed out and did not work. In case you experience anything similar, please update your operating system to 15.1, as this release version resolves the problem.

Users of Android, be aware: The 'Wi-Fi exceptions' feature will no longer be available on Android 10 OS or later versions due to its incompatibility with their latest security updates. It will still be available on devices running older Android OS versions.

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