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How to deal with CAPTCHA?

A CAPTCHA is a test commonly used by services like Google to tell humans and bots apart. There are various text-based, picture-based, and sound-based CAPTCHAs. You often need to choose pieces of the image or enter specific words or numbers to solve it.

Why do you encounter CAPTCHAs when using a VPN?

When connected to NordVPN, you’re sharing the server IP address with multiple other users — so you’re not the only one sending search queries to Google’s search engine. 

However, Google, for example, thinks that multiple search requests are being sent from a single IP address and device. Google marks it as spam, so it asks you to fill in the CAPTCHA requests to prove that a human rather than a bot sends these requests.

To avoid CAPTCHAs when using NordVPN, change the server you are connected to, as another NordVPN server might have lesser traffic.

If you’re experiencing this issue on multiple servers,  keep in mind that the NordVPN developer team is working to fix it. 

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