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NordVPN imitation scams

There are various scams going around and websites pretending to represent the NordVPN product. While our team is working on eliminating it, here are some tips on how to avoid them.

How to double-check if the NordVPN site is legit: 

  1. Analyze website URL. We only use or domains (also We do not own any other website. Try looking for mistakes in the domain (for example, n0rdvpn instead of nordvpn) unusual domain endings, such as .top or .biz.
  2. Check the domain age. Here you can check when the domain was registered and where it was registered. If the website is created only a few hours or days ago, it is a great possibility that there is a scam.
  3. Look for a secure connection sign. When the site is secure, a padlock sign will appear next to the URL, or the address will be highlighted green. Next to the poorly encrypted scam websites, you will not find such a sign, and in some cases, you will see a “Not secure” notice.

  4. Search for the contact details. Scam websites usually do not have any contact details mentioned, such as an E-Mail address or a phone number. In cases when they do, scammers use very generic Gmail Account contacts or have hidden caller IDs. 
  5. Check out our social media. In case you are still not sure if the website is legit or not, visit NordVPN social media (FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeInstagram), where you can find our legitimate link to the NordVPN website.

How to check if the NordVPN app is legit:

  1. Download the app from your App Store/Play Store (For iOS and Android devices). After typing in “NordVPN” in your application store, the legitimate app will have the most reviews and downloads, so check that before downloading. Be aware that there are many fake versions of our application in the application store. However, our team is reporting them and taking them down regularly. 
  2. Get the app from our website. After checking if the NordVPN website is legit, you can directly download the application from our website here.
  3. Contact our support team. If you still hesitate about whether the application is legit, which version you should use, or cannot access our website to download it, contact our support team via or a live chat. Our agents will provide you with an official version of our application or help you to check if an application you downloaded is legit.
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