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What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is the gateway to a secure and private access to the internet. It works by enveloping all of your online activities in a layer of encryption, while also hiding information about your virtual location. This way, you stay invisible to hackers, your ISP, governmental agencies and other prying eyes lurking throughout the net. At the same time, your data, such as your bank credentials, is protected from potential attacks

Why would you need NordVPN when...

...staying at home? It's true that there are fewer threats to your online security if you're using a personal, trusted network. However, your privacy is left vulnerable. Browser destinations, internet-using apps and other internet-related information is visible to your ISP. By connecting to a NordVPN server, the only footprint left of your activity is that, well, you've connected to one of our servers — that's it. Moreover, if you have to deal with internet throttling, NordVPN will come in handy. 

...going out? Any time you stop by a café, library, shop, etc. you're likely to use a publicly available Wi-Fi. These are often targets for hackers, who perform attacks such as the infamously known MITM (Man In The Middle). In short, it means your connection can become intercepted and manipulated so as to extract sensitive information. This can be prevented by connecting a NordVPN server, as your internet traffic will be safely transferred over a VPN tunnel. 

...travelling abroad? Although you may be enjoying unobstructed internet access in your home country, some governments impose heavy restrictions that can block a myriad of websites and services. Using a VPN can help you avoid these restrictive measures. Additionally, even if you do not face such issues at your point of destination, you may still begin longing for your favorite, geoblocked streaming service. We'll help with this, too.

In case you'd like to see the full list of features NordVPN has to offer, check our page here: List of NordVPN's features.

How does NordVPN work?

  1. Download and install the NordVPN app.
  2. Open the app, then sign up or log in.
  3. Connect to a server and check the protected status
  4. Done! 

Of course, this is a simplified look at the process. If you're curious about learning how VPNs work, check out our dedicated article called: What is a VPN?

Also, for a detailed set of instructions on how to set up, customize and adjust the app to better fit you, visit our list of tutorials.  

Stay safe online

Avoid online threats, share files, and connect to the world’s largest network of servers. Enjoy privacy with NordVPN.

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