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Scheduled maintenance of Dedicated IP servers

Starting on the 5th of November, all of our Dedicated IP servers will undergo scheduled maintenance.

The latest updates and OS fixes will be installed to ensure server security. The entire maintenance process should take about 1 month, but no individual server should be down for more than 6 hours. After the upgrade is complete, the Dedicated IP servers' names and hostnames will change, but our customers' Dedicated IP addresses will not be affected and will remain the same.

After the maintenance period, users using our Dedicated IP service will need to connect to different servers.

Here is a list with the maintenance dates and new server names:

Server name Date New server name
de70 2018-11-05 de502
uk89 2018-11-06 uk812
uk156 2018-11-06 uk813
us837 2018-11-07 us2900
us838 2018-11-07 us2901
us839 2018-11-07 us2902
us840 2018-11-07 us2903
us323 2018-11-07 us2904
us1041 2018-11-08 us2905
uk194 2018-11-08 uk814
uk195 2018-11-12 uk815
nl164 2018-11-12 nl400
us1418 2018-11-13 us2906
us1419 2018-11-13 us2907
us1420 2018-11-13 us2908
us1421 2018-11-13 us2909
us1504 2018-11-13 us2910
us1505 2018-11-13 us2911
us1506 2018-11-13 us2912
us1507 2018-11-13 us2913
uk384 2018-11-14 uk871
us1708 2018-11-14 us2914
us1733 2018-11-15 us2915
uk496 2018-11-15 uk872
uk629 2018-11-19 uk873
uk630 2018-11-19 uk874
uk631 2018-11-19 uk875
uk632 2018-11-19 uk876
de411 2018-11-20 de507
de412 2018-11-20 de508
de413 2018-11-20 de509
de414 2018-11-20 de510
us2480 2018-11-20 us2916
us2641 2018-11-21 us2917
us2724 2018-11-21 us2918
us2725 2018-11-21 us2919
uk695 2018-11-22 uk877
uk696 2018-11-22 uk878
us2834 2018-11-22 us2920
us2835 2018-11-22 us2921
nl15 2018-11-22


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