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How to set up NordVPN on Raspberry Pi with Kodi?

This tutorial will show you how to set up Raspberry OpenELEC KODI with NordVPN.

In order to setup VPN on your OpenELEC device please follow these steps: 

Please download VPN manager installation file by using the following link: 

Also, download required NordVPN server configuration files from here: 

Then, please extract the on your computer and move both and some of the unzipped NordVPN configuration files (you don't have to use them all) to your OpenElec device. If OpenElec device is connected to your local network it will appear on your workgroup, this way you will be able to simply move files to OpenElec sharable folders. Or alternatively you can move these files to OpenElec device by using USB drive.

Once both files are moved please open Kodi and navigate to:
Add-ons>Add-ons browser (box icon at top left)>Install from zip file

In the window that appears please navigate to file location. If you have moved files via Workgroup then select 'Windows network (SMB)'. If you have used different means to move files they will be located in 'Home folder'
After installing VPN manager navigate to Add-Ons>Program add-ons and open VPN Manager.

Select Add-on Settings. In settings window select 'VPN configuration' tab', scroll down and click 'User Defined import wizard'.

Import wizard will give you the option to choose specific server files or the whole directory to import. Depending on how many configurations you are trying to upload select Directory or Files. Directory will let you select the whole folder of configurations, Files will let you select one or multiple files.

Regardless of the option that you've selected you will have to navigate to server configuration file location on your Home folder.

After importing configuration your VPN provider will be automatically set to User Defined. You will have to enter NordVPN credentials in Username and Password fields.

Then select 'VPN Connections' tab and start First VPN connection.
In order to disconnect or choose different server select 'Change or disconnect VPN connection' option in main VPN Manager window.

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