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How to fix your NordVPN iOS connection

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If you’re having trouble connecting to NordVPN on your iOS device, we have some tips for adjusting your connection configuration to help fix the problem. After following each set of instructions, check if the issue remains before you continue. Let’s begin:

Reset your Wi-Fi network settings (only if using Wi-Fi):

  • Tap Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings. This also resets the Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.
  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen and navigate to Wi-Fi. On the right side of your wireless network field, tap on the i button to view the settings for the network.
  • Tap Renew Lease at the bottom of the settings pane to reset your device’s IP address and to refresh your connection. 
  • Restart your phone.

Set the NordVPN DNS server addresses (only if using Wi-Fi):

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Tap on Wi-Fi. If it's switched off, turn it on;
  • Pick a Wi-Fi network and tap on the blue “i” icon;
  • Tap Configure DNS and select Manual;
  • Tap Add Server and add these DNS addresses:
  • Tap Save.

Switch between different servers:

  • Try connecting to various countries or specific servers using the NordVPN app. 

Reinstall the NordVPN app:

Tip: Your VPN connection safety depends on your account password. Don't forget to use a strong password for your account, as it will help you to avoid credential stuffing attacks and will keep your connections safe and uninterrupted.

Generating and remembering strong and secure passwords is not an easy task, so we recommend downloading our free password manager — NordPass. It generates secure passwords for you and stores them safely, letting you avoid time-wasting password resets in the future. 

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