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iOS manual IKEv2 configuration

This tutorial would provide step-by-step guidelines how to correctly configure manual connection on iOS device (iPhone/iPad) using IKEv2 protocol.


1. At first, download the NordVPN IKEv2 certificate to your device. It can be done by opening this link on the mobile browser, such as Safari or any other:


2. The certificate installation dialogue will appear. Tap Install button in each of the steps:




3. Once the certificate is installed, tap Done to complete the installation.



4. Now it is necesarry to determine which server to connect to. Go to - this tool will pick a recommended server. In our case, it displayed US #810 server, which hostname is We will use this server as a reference on the further steps.



5. Go to the Settings menu of the device and select VPN tab.



6. Tap on the Add VPN Configuration... button.



7. Fill out the following boxes accordingly:


Type: IKEv2

Description: Any preferred name for the VPN connection

Server: The hostname of the server (picked on the step 4)

Remote ID: The same hostname as the Server field

Local ID: Leave empty


User Authentication: Username

Username: Your NordVPN account username

Password: Your NordVPN account password


Proxy: Off


Afterwards, tap Done.



8.  The VPN configuration will appear in the VPN menu. Tap the Status Slider under VPN CONFIGURATIONS to connect. Once the slider turns green, you will be successfully connected to NordVPN server using manual IKEv2 connection method.


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